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Dragon War - Dragunov and Leviathan - Sample Review

Taking a look at two interesting mice from the east



Dragon War are a Japanese peripheral company. we have already looked at one of their products and now we are going to look at two gaming mice from them, the Dragon War Dragunov and Leviathan.

Specifications and Features

Both mice are designed for gaming, featuring four DPI settings ranging from 800-3200 and 6 programmable keys on each mouse  and surprisingly both the Dragunov and the Leviathan are provided with a small cloth mouse pad which features the Dragon War logo.


The Dragunov has an ergonomic shape that bears a resemblance to the Mionix Naos series of mice, with flared sides to rest your fingers and thumbs on, the mouse is comfortable when used left handed  (lefties unite) but the position of the side buttons means they would be at the very least awkward to use. The Leviathan also features an ergonomic design however this is intended for right handers only, the design certainly feels like a smaller version of the early Microsoft Sidewinder.

Both the Dragunov and Leviathan feature a braided cable (the very same that is on the darkSector keyboard) with a blue highlight along its length, which certainly improves the looks and helps prevent against the cable tangling. This then goes into a gold plated USB connector, which again has the same extravagant design as the darkSector keyboard.

The two mice come with high DPI sensors, which on the box state both go up to 3200dpi and have four steps available in DPI sensitivity ranging through 800dpi, 1600dpi, 2400dpi to 3200dpi. The Leviathan also has an LED indicator in the scroll wheel to help you easily see what DPI setting you are currently on.


Dragon War Dragunov Website Specifications


Product Code: ELE-G3 (Black)


Ergonomic design for professional gamer

Gaming mouse with 6 control buttons

Mouse cable length 1.4 meters

Suitable for almost every surface

Gaming sensor with revolutionary 3200 dpi


Mouse mat is provided

Interface: USB

Resolution: 800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200 dpi



Dimension: W79 x D120 x H40 mm

Weight: 76 g

Dragon War Leviathan Website Specifications


Product Code: ELE-G1 (Black)


Gaming mouse with 5 control buttons

Mouse cable length 1.4 meters

Suitable for almost every surface

Ergonomic design for right-handers

Gaming laser sensor with revolutionary 2600 dpi


Mouse mat is provided

Interface: USB

Resolution: 800/ 1200/ 1800/ 2600 dpi with different indicator lights



Dimension: W69 x D120 x H39 mm

Weight: 98 g


The Boxes and the Products




As you can see from the image, both mice are provided in very nice looking presentation boxes which list the key features of the products and show the mouse pad that comes free with the them.

The Boxes feature a door on the front which allows you to view the mouse inside and get a feel for it without needing to open it, which is a nice touch. On the reverse of the door it shows you some of the things you can do with the programmable key software, it also gives you a link to the software that is used to map it. The software that they link to is a third party piece of software so it is not designed by Dragon War, when I go to test the mice we will see if it is any good.

You may notice that both boxes say six key programmable on the boxes, but in the table above the Leviathan only mentions five, if you noticed that you will probably notice again that both say 3200 dpi and the table above only says up to 2600 dpi. This is because the table is pulled directly from Dragon War’s website, now I’m not sure what the correct specs are but in testing I will try to find out.






Getting the Dragunov and the Leviathan out of the boxes is simple enough, much like the darkSector keyboard what you see is really what you get, in both boxes only the mouse and the mouse pad were provided, no driver discs or documentation are provided. Once again, the implication being that everything should be plug and play on the day, with no setup time required.

As stated earlier both mice take design cues from other popular gaming mice, this is not unexpected from a manufacturer trying to start out and compete, with both designs being very comfortable in the hand. The Leviathan has a partial rubber coating along the top of the mouse, whilst the remainder of the mouse is a glossy plastic which feels quite cheap and tacky. The Dragunov has a full rubber coating and certainly feels of better overall quality because of it.