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Fancy a tour of the Tardis ? Google have you covered

Fun little easter egg found in Google Streetview

Have you ever wanted to take a tour of the TARDIS ? well wait no more, a fun little easter egg has been found in Google's Street View which lets you go inside Dr Who's transport of choice.

Here's what you have to do :

Click on this link right ---> here <---

Look around until you see the Police Box, then when you can see the double arrows in the image below, they should show up automatically.


Click on them to then be transported inside the TARDIS!


From there you can look around and explore the main area of the TARDIS, although probably for good reason you can't explore much further, firstly you would probably get lost, and there could be some crazy stuff hidden away in the deep dark corners of the TARDIS.

This is just one of latest easter eggs to be found in Google Maps, and it likely wont be the last, but it is certainly one of the coolest.