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AMD Never Settle Bundle Upgraded

AMD Update their free game bundles to include more games and different reward levels


Renamed Never Settle Forever, AMD have restructured the Never Settle game bundles that have made?AMD's graphics cards extremely popular since its introduction.

Rather than having a large amount of different bundles, which often contained the majority of the same games. They will now use a Gold, Silver, and Bronze reward level. Rather than just receiving Far Cry 3 for instance, dependant on the reward level you buy into you will be able to?choose 1,2, or 3 games from a wide selection, so you can pick your favourite from the list rather than being tied to what they give you.

Also you?don't have to renew the voucher straight away either, if there isn't a game in the list that you want, you can hold onto the voucher until the next set of games goes live and then redeem. Allowing you to have lots more freedom and potential variety in the games you can then get. The current rewards are a mixture of all the previous Never Settle bundles, so it includes some amazing titles such as Far Cry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Far Cry Blood Dragon, and Deux Ex.

All you have to do when you get?your voucher is head on over to click the redeem button, sign in/up and then enter your code. Terms and conditions for the Promo can be found here.

Under the Bronze level, you have to purchase a Radeon 7790 or 7770, to get the silver reward you will need to purchase a 7800 series card and for the Gold level, you will need to purchase either an AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition,?Radeon HD 7970 or a Radeon HD 7950 Graphics Card.