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Ducky to include a less flamboyant spacebar with the Shine 3

If you don't like the Snake now have another option



Ducky, a leading Taiwanese mechanical keyboard manufacturer has announced today that they will be including an additional spacebar in the boxes of the soon to be released Shine 3. The keyboard is going to be provided with a spacebar that commemorates the Year of the Snake (it features a stylised snake etched into the plastic) but if this is not to your tastes they are now also going to provide you with a more subtle design featuring two slits and the Ducky logo.

The reason for the redesign of the spacebar is the introduction of two RGB LED's underneath, which can change colour, but thankfully this second spacebar still allows you to see one of the main features and draws of the new Shine 3.

Also if you haven't heard already, you can pre-order a select few Ducky Shine 3 keyboards right here at CCL, if the keyboard that you want isn't yet available, you can sign up to be one of the first notified when they arrive by clicking the "tell me" button next to the item.

They can all be found in this link