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AMD 13.8 Beta Drivers released

Fixes most cases of Micro-Stutter in Crossfire setups



As you will all likely know AMD have released a new Catalyst 13.8 Beta driver, this normally would not be too much of a newsworthy article as often they can be buggy and are not always an improvement over the normal releases but AMD have bucked this trend with the new 13.8 drivers however.

The main improvement is the support for frame pacing, this ensures that frames rendered in a Crossfire setup will be displayed at an even and regular pace at least in the majority of games, this helps to reduce the problem known as micro-stuttering which has been an issue with Crossfire setups.

The drivers also include support for the latest Open CL 4.3 API as well as the usual improvements with in-game performance with AMD saying that Metro Last Light can see a boost of around 7% on the Radeon HD 7000 series however these are probably going to be seen as the cherry on top.

The Driver has seen AMD receive praise from practically everywhere, with review sites and lauding the improvements, here is just some of the praise AMD has received.

“We are going to give credit where credit is due as AMD deserves that. In a relatively short time period the driver team has been able to tackle micro-stuttering significantly. Though they are not there 100% yet the overall latency differential has improved dramatically.” – Hilbert Hagedoorn, Guru3d

“Thanks to these performance levels, confirmed by our FCAT analysis and so measuring the frame time of each 3D scene, the Radeon HD 7990 is back again as a product placed alongside the two NVIDIA counterparts, the GeForce GTX 690 and the GeForce Titan. Compared to the two rival solutions, the number of frames changes according to the title used, but with the title suite we considered for this review the Radeon HD 7990 confirms to be on average a little faster than the GeForce GTX 690 and much more than the GeForce Titan. It’s undeniable how the optimisation work done on the Catalyst drivers brings the Radeon HD 7990 to its correct place in the market, making it an interesting product, which can maybe be unreachable because of its price, but that proves now to be an object of desire even more than originally suspected.” – Paolo Corsini, Hardware Upgrade (Italian Source)

Hot Hardware, another review and news site has some nice graphs which show the vast improvement, which you can see if you click here

I'm glad to see that AMD has fixed the issue in the majority of the games that are about, with the other games seeing improvements overall, this certainly makes a Crossfire setup more appealing, I can't wait for this to be released as a full driver release to hopefully see even more improvements.

You can download this latest release driver from AMD's site here