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Versus Resonance 3 Available

Turn almost any surface into a speaker

We have a new product here at CCL and whilst showing them off would normally be reserved to the whats new this week part of our website, I thought I would just tell you a little about them.

Its a new product from Versus and its called the Resonance 3 and what it can do is turn virtually any surface into a speaker using its built in vibration technology, primarily it has been designed for use on the go, where lugging around a speaker dock etc is just not possible.

You can either connect to the speaker by a 3.5mm jack or by using a microsd card into the appropriate slot on the unit. The Resonance 3 is battery powered and has a built in battery, meaning you don't have to worry about finding pesky AA batteries, whilst also having the ability to run off the mains plug whilst the battery is recharging meaning you're almost never without  your music, It also comes with a remote control, this allows you to pause and skip songs whilst playing from the microsd card so it can basically operate as a freestanding MP3 player.

Now the price, it's amazing, they are available for £14.99, at this price they are an absolute steal, and in terms of performance they are extremely good, they are able to provide 26 Watts RMS output which for the size is outstanding.

You can find out more about it from the link below, you can even watch the product video which demo's the product.