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Summer Games Done Quick - Ends to over $250,000 raised

Charity Marathon breaks last years record

It's over !It's over !

Summer Games Done Quick, the annual charity gaming marathon hosted by Speed Demos Archive has finished for another year (unless a bonus stream goes live).

This year, SDA have managed to smash last years total donations, pulling in $252.975.64 across the 5 day run, for the charity Doctors Without Borders, whilst also running 90 games across the stint.

The event, hosted each year brings together some of the biggest people in speedrunning and puts them in one room, they then stream the games as they play live, usually giving live commentary as they play through exploiting the glitches as they go, hoping not to cause the game to lock up or generally die.

The exploits are extremely fun to watch and the commentary explaining what is going on is informative one of the best videos to show glitches was the FRAUD% Run of Sonic the Hedgehog which is linked in 3 Parts linked below: (watch out for swearing)

As stated above just a double warning the person speedrunning this game can become quite excited so some swearing may go on.

If you want to watch any more of the videos a kind user on popular social site has compiled a list with links to each section where the video starts.

This year the event has been a complete success, with Speed Demos Archive now having raised over $1M for charitable causes since the first  X Games Done Quick Event back in January 2010, this year alone across the two events raising $700K.

Heres to a successful Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

Edit : As I write this the bonus stream is now live, with even more games on the go, and donations are still going now up to $253040.64