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RAIDR Express PCI-e SSD Released by Asus ROG

The world's first PCI-e SSD to be compatible with both legacy and UEFI BIOS'


Asus, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals, through their gaming brand Republic of Gamers have today announced the Asus RAIDR Express.The Raidr Express, is touted as the world’s first PCI-e SSD to be compatible with both legacy and UEFI BIOS' and is designed to offer amazing speed and durability.

The RAIDR Express, is different to other SSD's in that it uses  two seperate SSD's paired using RAID 0 to achieve the maximum amount of performance possible, because of this the RAIDR is capable of achieving 100K IOPS (in 4K read/write) and 830 MB/s Sequential Read and 810MB/s Sequential Write speeds which means you wont be kept waiting.

 The drive is also built to last, Asus rate the drive to have a MTBF of 620,000 hours, whilst also featuring an impressively designed casing which doubles as a passive heatsink to reduce the temperature of the drive, whilst also reducing electro magnetic interference, these features in turn improve stability.

Asus are set to include a few utilities with the drive to improve speeds further such as the RAMDisk utility which allows users to dedicate up to 80% of a computer’s available RAM for use as a high-speed virtual drive that accelerates the loading of favorite applications and games, they are also set to include a HybriDisk, which is a utility which aims to improve hard drive to hard drive transfers.

Full Specs are as follows :

• PCI Express 2.0 x2
• 240GB capacity • Dual LSI® SandForce SF-2281 controllers
• Toshiba 19nm 16K page size MLC Sync-NAND Flash
• Sequential read/write speed: 830/810MB/s
• Up to 100,000 4K read/write IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second)
• Legacy and UEFI BIOS support
• Driver-free with TRIM support
• Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 compatible
• Windows® 8 Secure Boot compatible
• 157 x 120 x 20mm