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Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day

So go hug your companies tech



Today is the 14th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day !

So what is SysAdmin day? I hear you ask, well for the majority of people it is the day where you pay tribute to the hard working men and women who are the ones that keep your work computer running through thick and thin, rain or shine, as well as generally making sure nothing goes up in flames whilst upgrading systems and servers etc.

So today, go give your system admin or IT team something that shows that you truly appreciate the hard work they put in, just think of the long hours the daunting tasks that they have to face on a day to day basis, as well as all of the out of hours emergencies that occasionally have to be tackled, a broken UPS, a failing hard drive, the server room air-con failing you get the idea.

As per proper observation of this glorious day includes and is certainly not limited to:

Cake & Ice cream
Words of gratitude
Custom t-shirts celebrating the epic greatness of your SysAdmin(s)

So remember the SysAdmin, because for the other 364 days a year they get nothing and remember the SysAdmin Motto (or at least the CCL SysAdmin Motto) "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all".