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Razer Comms Beta gets a new feature

new file transfer ability as well as improvements to the VoIP quality


Razer, a leading manufacturer of gaming PC peripherals, today announced an update to its ongoing Razer Comms Beta. They have added a file transfer facility as well as improving the voice audio quality.

The file transfer facility was added due to the results of the last Razer Community Poll in which the community voted overwhelmingly in favour of the feature.

Razer Comms, is a free all in one communications solution for gamers, which is designed to offer VoIP and Instant messaging facilities whilst catering for group chats as well, it has an in game overlay feature much like Steam, which allows you to keep up on the conversation without having to minimise or leave your game. Razer Comms features cross game chat support as well which means that even whilst your friends may be playing other games you can all keep chatting and talking together.

Razer Comms, whilst still in beta, has been designed from the ground up for gamers, with the aim of giving a better VoIP service than other software, Razer state that Comms features "Complex audio algorithms and the ultra-fast server infrastructure give you the most precise, crisp and clear communication with no time-outs or lag spikes. Advanced software-based noise reduction and echo cancellation also ensure you hear all the orders and smack talk with absolute clarity".

Razer are constantly taking feedback on the program with the aim of improving it all the time, and from the news above they are certainly taking suggestions and the community feedback to hand.