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Summer Games Done Quick 2013 (July 25th - 29th)

A charity marathon of speedrunning video games


Speed Demo's Archive are once again running Summer Games Done Quick, a charity marathon over 4 days consisting of speedrunning video games whilst accepting donations for charity which this year is Doctors Without Borders.

Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) delivers emergency medical care to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disaster, or exclusion from health care in more than 65 countries. An independent international humanitarian organization, MSF unites direct medical care with a commitment to bearing witness to the plight of the people it assists.      On any one day, 27,000 doctors, nurses, logisticians, water-and-sanitation experts, administrators, and other qualified professionals can be found providing medical care in international teams made up of local MSF aid workers and their colleagues from around the world.

Speedrunning for those who do not know is "a play-through, or recording thereof, of a whole video game or a selected part of it (such as a single level) performed with the intent of completing it as fast as possible, optionally under certain prerequisites, mainly for the purposes of entertainment and competition".

This year the marathon will be running from July 25th to July 29th (due to timezones in the UK it will end on the 30th) and there are a whole barrage of games set to be played with donation bonuses such as playing extra DLC levels or achieving 100% completion. To top it off there are prizes that can be won by donating.

Now you may think an event like this will have limited appeal or not be very successful, but at the beginning of the year the same team ran an event called Awesome Games Done Quick which raked in over $448,000 in donations for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

A full schedule of the games planned and preliminary donation bonuses can be found in the link below, through some trickery the schedule will be converted into your local time zone automatically.

After catching the mid to end of Awesome Games Done Quick at the beginning of the year, I personally cannot wait for this to start as the people who play are extremely skilled at the arts of breaking games to get the best times in doing so they make it extremely fun to watch, I for one hope they do a Die Hard (NES) bad ending low percent run again in this marathon.

Awesome Games Done Quick - 2013 - Die Hard Footage