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Ubuntu Edge joins the crowdsourcing fray

Looking for $32,000,000 to reach its goal


Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu have taken to crowdsourcing in order to fund the Ubuntu Edge mobile phone. They are looking for $32,000,000 to reach their goal, and at the time of writing with 30 days left have already achieved 1/10th of that at $3,400,000.

The Ubuntu Edge aims to redefine the smartphone market by offering a low volume high technology platform, Canonical explain that they want to be seen as Formula 1 is to the normal car industry with the hope that technological improvements offered in the Edge accelerate the adoption of such technologies in the mainstream.

The hardware of the phone is quite impressive and whilst specs of the processor have yet to be chosen fully, they expect to use whatever the latest multi-core chip that is available at the time of manufacture, they are going to be making use of sapphire crystal to protect the display, something they say is "a material so hard only diamond could scratch it", they also aim to include the latest in battery technology in the form of a silicon-anode technology in order to squeeze more out of it, it's expected to have at least 4GB of RAM and an absolutely massive 128GB of storage.

The software they are going to use is one of the key changes to the current range of smartphones, the Ubuntu Edge will dual boot both Ubuntu phone OS and Android, with the additional ability of being able to convert into a fully integrated Ubuntu desktop PC.

The Ubuntu Edge is only going to be available as an exclusive production run, with the only availability through Indiegogo, so if you want one get pledging, expected shipping of the device is May 2014 so there will be a long wait before you do get your hands on one of these unique handsets however.

The Indiegogo page for this item can be found here