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Honda builds the worlds fastest lawnmower

'Mean Mower' can reach 130mph


A bit of a break from the standard tech news affair today, but this news was too good to pass on.

Honda, using the expertise from their title winning British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics has created what is quite possibly the craziest and fastest lawnmower ever. Dubbed the 'Mean Mower' the lawnmower has a 109HP 1 Litre motorcycle engine, a fully custom made chassis with the steering handled by a steering column from a Morris Minor.

The Mean Mower, because of the motorcycle engine and custom chassis has an amazing power to weight ratio of 532bhp/tonne which allows it to achieve speeds of over 100mph, and hit 60 in an estimated 4 seconds although you won’t be able to use the fully functioning cutting equipment at those speeds, as a safety feature they only work up to speeds of 15mph.

Honda says that the reason for building this behemoth is that "This project provided the perfect opportunity to not only highlight the breadth of our product offering but to also promote our sporty heritage and support our reputation as an innovative company. Above all else, we love a challenge!".

During the build the team tried their best to make sure that as many standard Honda parts were used in the build but in cases where that wasn't possible things were custom made by Team Dynamics and its partners.

The Team Dynamics Team Manager, also had something to say on the challenges that faced his team in building the unit.


One of the key challenges is that this has never been done before, to our knowledge, and so there are few learnings to call upon. From an engineering perspective, retaining the look of the mower, and the ability to still cut grass were the biggest challenge.”