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Coolermaster release V8 GTS CPU Cooler

Remake of the Older V8 Cooler released


Coolermaster has announced a new addition to its performance cooling range, in the way of an update to its impressive V8 Cooler, dubbed the V8 GTS.

The V8 GTS uses HVC Technology (Horizontal Vapor Chamber) which allows it to cool down even the hottest of CPU's by spreading the load evenly across the 8 massive heatpipes on the unit, being able to handle thermal loads up to 250W.

The cooler also features two 140mm PWM fans wedged between the triple tower design allowing for large amounts of airflow through the heatsink to increase performance whilst allowing you to fine tune the noise level if required. The design of the cooler also means that you have more free space around the memory slots to fit larger RAM sticks if needed (upto 50mm in height).


The  V8 GTS also features dark red LEDs in keeping with its powerful and menacing look, meaning it will certainly look the part in a case with a side window, just bear in mind that you will first need to find a case that fits this beast, thankfully Coolermaster has released a short but not exhaustive list of compatible Coolermaster cases which are the CM Storm Trooper, the CM Storm Scout II,  the CM Storm Enforcer, the Cosmos II, the HAF X, the HAF XB, the HAF XM, the HAF 922 and the HAF 912. Other cases are likely to fit it, but check you case against the measurements and specs of the V8 GTS below, but the good news is that it will fit all major sockets.