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Ducky Shine 3 Available Globally by September 2013

Good news for those wanting a new keyboard


A post on the Ducky Keyboard Facebook page has confirmed that the latest member of the flock, the Shine 3, will be available globally by September 2013.

This is excellent news for those wanting to purchase a new keyboard and whilst news about pricing is yet to be known you can expect CCL to be one of the first places stocking this amazing keyboard.

The Shine 3 is an update to the acclaimed Shine 2, with the main improvements being applied to the multitude of backlighting options that were originally implemented in the Shine 2. You now have the option of increasing and decreasing the rate at which the LEDs flash on the keyboard making the reactive typing mode look far more intense depending on how fast you can type. In a return to the Shine 1 the option of increasing the polling rate over USB also returns as an option.

We will keep you updated as to when CCL will have stock.