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Steelseries release the Apex Keyboard

SteelSeries' Keyboard Delivers The World's Fastest Response Times Through Superior Design, Low-Profile Keys with an Optimized Layout and Smart Illumination


CHICAGO – July 10, 2013 – SteelSeries, a worldwide leader in professional grade gaming peripherals, today announced the availability of the SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard. Made up of beautiful form and carefully optimized functions, the SteelSeries Apex features unique enhancements to the keyboards layout from low-profile keys, specially designed raised macros rows for quick access, and multiple layers of customization in colors and intensity. With a $99.99 MSRP, the Apex is available online

You cannot deny, the keyboard certainly looks smart, with the option of having a choice of 16.8 million colours in the 5 different zones on the keyboard and 8 levels of illumination intensity.

Steelseries say that the keyboard has an enhanced design and optimised layout although as with all changes to a layout, time will tell how well it actually performs it will also have the following features :

• Raised macro-keys along the top and left side, which provide faster and more precise macro-combinations.
• The addition of two small tactile bumps on the W-key to provide a faster return to WASD.
• Superior anti-ghosting that supports simultaneous key presses in 20 of the most used gaming keys on the Apex and Apex [RAW].
• An enlarged space bar and added directional keys that support features that improve comfort and reaction time.
• A SteelSeries key that allows the user to easily adjust brightness and disable the Windows key with no software required.
• Two swappable feet that allow the user to adjust the keyboard’s angle to what is most comfortable

The Keyboard features Steelseries own Steelseries Engine software which will mean the Apex can be completely remapped including the macro keys above the function keys and to the left of the main keys, you can even remap four layers deep, giving you the ability to have multiple layouts, profiles, and commands allowing for masses of customisation.

The Apex Raw, follows in the same footsteps as its more expensive brother although it is missing some features in order to reduce the cost overall, such as the backlighting options, Steelseries provide a handy list with the comparison between the two which is below.


Overall they look like nice keyboards, but I have one issue with the full fat Apex, the price, it is currently £93.94 here at CCL and I feel that it would be unwise to spend so much on a keyboard that is not mechanical, a fully backlit mechanical keyboard from the likes of Ducky or Coolermaster can be had for around the same cost and I feel that it would be more prudent to spend that much money on something that will potentially outlast the Steelseries.