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Rockstar's GTA V Gameplay Video is up

And it looks like its going to be good


Well its live, the gameplay video from Rockstar showcasing Grand Theft Auto Five's gameplay, I have to say it looks very good.

The video showed enough elements of the game to keep us wanting, giving a bit of backstory about each of the three main characters and showing you can swap between all three characters almost anytime you want to with the characters you are not controlling basically doing their own thing until you take over.

The video itself does a bit more than show than just driving around and blowing stuff up (stuff that the majority of people will look to do immediately they get the game) it features some of the activities that are available to you and your characters in the down time between missions, so if you wanted to you can go and play golf, tennis, go cycling, you can even go hunting and skydiving, if you are not up for that why not go meditate, the minigames shown in the video look exceptionally well done and are effectively full games in their own right. 

The options for customisation are large and varied as well If you wanted to you could go spend your money to customise your car, you could go get a tatoo or even just go get some new clothes.

The core mission structure appears to be pretty open with the video showing two alternate ways of completing the mission that was shown, with the option of being stealthy or going in guns blazing, whilst also showing that each player can provide a different look on the current mission offering backup or support from alternative areas in the game, with the ability to detail how the mission is played out by planning it all first it certainly seems as though Grand Theft Auto 5 is certainly going to be an immersive experience.

I for one cannot wait until the 17th of September, you can check the video out here