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Ever wanted to keep the streets clean ?

Keep reading to hear about a new simulator game from Stolidus


You think you can handle this power ? Okay so maybe I lied about keeping the streets clean, but if you ever wanted to experience the world through the eyes of a robot vacuum cleaner the new Robot Vacuum Simulator from Stolidus Sims' is the game for you.

Almost unbelievably it is a sequel to Robot Vacuum Simulator 2012, the biggest improvement in the series being that it is now 3D and Third Person instead of you controlling the vacuum from a top down view.

Here are the amazing features built into this amazing game :



The most realistic robot vacuum simulator ever.
Incredible single-player simulation
Duel with your friends in 2 player mode
A fully open world
Fantastic music
A main menu



The first anual (sic) robot vacuum simulation prize
Game of the year 2013
Best simulator of 2013
Best sequel awards


All prizes handed out by Stolidus Simulations.

Move out of the way FPS games, I want a TPVS (Third Person Vacuum Sim) game best of all the game is absolutely free to play, and you can download it directly from Stolidus Simumlations' site  so go ahead and try not to get too addicted.