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Acer Iconia B1 Tablet Review

It's Cheap it's Cheerful and It's Blue, well at least on the sides


Today we will be reviewing one of the more recent additions to our tablet range the Acer Iconia B1, to see if it is worth its salt in the wide market of budget tablets

First and foremost let’s have a look at what you actually get. In the box you are provided with:
1. A quick start guide, which features basics on the Android Operating System.
2. A warranty booklet
3. A Micro USB Cable
4. A Mains to USB Charger, which you plug the micro usb cable into
5. And Finally the Tablet


The Features and ButtonsThe Features and Buttons


The tablet is at the top of the box and so is the first thing that you are able to get out and it feels very well put together with the sides of the case finished in an extremely nice deep blue colour, which also makes it stand out from other devices available which generally follow the all black colour scheme.



Measuring just 12.85cm in width by 1.13cm in depth by 19.74cm in height makes the tablet remarkably portable. 

Feature wise it seems fully equipped having  a front facing camera which is rated at 0.3 Mega Pixels, GPS, 3.5mm audio jack, 7” screen, with a 1024x600 resolution, a 1.2Ghz dual core processor, 8GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, wireless and Bluetooth you can also improve on the built in memory by adding a microSD card up to 32GB.

The Acer B1 uses Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) as its operating system of choice, which whilst not the latest, is certainly fast and didn’t seem to have any issue



To test this tablet I ran two benchmark programs namely Quadrant Standard and Epic Citadel as well as running the Sonic the Hedgehog remake from the Play Store to test actual performance in game, whilst also browsing the web on the built in browser to see how it fared in a more utilitarian task.

In all benchmarks the Tablet did extremely well scoring well on Quadrant and performing exceptionally well in the Epic Citadel test which you can see in the scores in the images, in games it played all of the ones we decided to install such as Sonic and Angry Birds with no problems as well, we even decided to run Comic viewing app Perfect Viewer and the tablet passed with flying colours

Quadrant ResultsQuadrant Results

GFX Bench ResultsGFX Bench Results


During web browsing it also worked remarkably well, using the built in browser a choice of Google Chrome or the standard android browser it loaded all websites fine (although flash content on websites did not work) and it didn’t have any slowdown issues while playing YouTube videos, (although I would expect you to use the built in app for that normally) The speaker was noticeably loud and clear but at higher volumes the quality dropped quickly, although you can also substitute in your own headphones using the 3.5mm jack if needed.


Epic Citadel ScoreEpic Citadel Score

Sonic !Sonic !


The camera whilst certainly not terrible is poor enough to make it unsuitable for taking pictures due to the overall quality of the resulting photos, as well as it being awkward to use with it being on the front of the tablet, the same can be said for videos in that they are quite often blurry and out of focus

The Screen was good; offering a solid viewing angle but because of the glossy screen if you try to use it in bright or sunny environments it can become a bit of a challenge due to the screen glare.


All in all this was a very solid device, being powerful enough to run the games we played without any issues, meaning it was certainly enjoyable to use, the portability of the device as a whole means that you are able to take it almost anywhere, the battery runtime under load was just under 3 hours on our sample although we believe that under normal and less load it should last a fair bit longer.

The Verdict