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Benchmarking In Focus - AIDA 64

Another entry, showcasing programs that are available to test and benchmark your PC


Aida64 is a Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users, much like PC Mark 7 it has lots of specific benchmarks and tests that you can perform, whilst additionally having a program that you can use to stress test the PC to it's max, whilst giving you a graphical output showing the temperatures of each device, if it detects any errors the test will stop this will let you know that the machine is not stable.

It also has many options for monitoring temperatures and voltages using the built in sensors found in many motherboards, the reported values can be displayed as system tray icons, using the sidebar gadget and even on the LCD built into Logitech G15 and G19 gaming keyboards alternatively you can log them to file whilst alerting yourself if Aida detects overheating, over-voltage or a fan failure.

Aida also has the ability to report on what hardware is installed in your machine, so you wont have to open up your system to find out detailed information about it. It can also tell you information about the installed software on the machine including software licenses, Windows settings, currently running processes and more !

All in all a very complete package of tests.