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Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Review

Mark takes the Roccat Lua gaming mouse for a spin


Well, I have been using this mouse for the past few months and whilst it is Roccat’s entry level gaming mouse, it's one of the best I have ever used so I thought it's time to give it a review. 

Packaging and Contents

Whilst it does come in a fancy box, you don't exactly get much but then again, it's mouse so we hardly need tons of extras. This particular one includes the mouse itself, a quick installation guide and also some stickers.


The box gives off the impression of the mouse being a high end one and whilst Roccat aim to compete in the lower price range, it doesn't feel cheap or look it. Once opened, you do feel like you have got more for your money.
As you can imagine with this being their lower end mouse, there are features removed when compared to their more expensive mice, such as the Roccat Kone.
The Lua doesn't have side buttons which you notice straight away, this I believe is partly due to its smaller size. The mouse also has less buttons than its big brothers but again, for this price, it's not something you can really complain about.



First I will give you a quick rundown of its specifications:
• Pro Optic (R2) sensor, from 250 to 2000 dpi, 7-steps
• Ambidextrous V-shape
• LED Lit Roccat Logo (Artic blue)
• Roccat Drivers for custom settings (A bit like Razer software but to me more user friendly)
• Able to change DPI on the fly
• 60 ips maximum speed
• 1000Hz polling rate
• 20G of acceleration



Now as I mentioned earlier, I have been using this mouse for a few months and it has never had any issues. The first thing I noticed was how light the mouse was which is something I prefer in mice, but I can see for people it may be an issue as it does make the mouse feel quicker when moving in games, even though it technically isn't.
The second thing I noticed was the DPI changer. Whilst you can do it on the fly, the button location really is not the best for me as the mouse has no side buttons. I feel it should have been there on the side as behind the wheel I found it slightly awkward to press.

The shape of this mouse however is perfect. It really fits into your hand well and it's what makes it nice to use, especially if you are on your pc for extended periods of time. Left or right handed, you will find this mouse easy to use, the only issue I could potentially see is if you have big hands you might find the mouse is dwarfed as it is quite small.

Traction won't be an issue either. The sensor in this works flawlessly, it never seems to lag behind and thanks to the software you can change the sensor settings to tweak as much as you like. The software that the mouse uses is also very user friendly and nice to use. If anything, the mouse just needs a light on that indicates the DPI level you are, but again, to make this mouse cheap it’s something that had to be cut out.


The Control PanelThe Control Panel


Whether you can cope without side buttons is down to personal preference, but I can say that after the first week of use, I doubt you will be missing them. The mouse would be better with them, but it's not ruining the experience. You have to remember this is a cheap gaming mouse and in-game performance is top notch. I feel you will find it to be one of the best purchases you can make.


Build quality is superb, nothing about it feels cheap. They have done a tremendous job of making this worth every penny. It has some nice finishing touches, such as the led lighting of their logo and the name of the mouse on the side.



I feel that, due to the high level of competitiveness of gaming mice, which includes every gaming mouse within the £20-£30 range, you will struggle to find a better mouse. The only thing that may put you off is what I mentioned earlier, which is the lack of side buttons.

It is a mouse I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants a cheap, high quality mouse without needing to spend £50+. You will not be disappointed.