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Does anyone really need a £2K+ PC ?

Mark asks the question

Time for my second entry of the blog world and it's something I have debated with friends and colleagues. Do we need to spend so much?

Now, take my PC for example:
• AMD FX6100
• ATi AMD 7770GHz Edition
• 8GB DDR3 Samsung  1333Mhz
• Samsung 830 64GB SSD
• Seagate 500GB HDD

That all cost me less than £500 I'm able to play games in high settings and to me that's perfect. Don't get me wrong, I would love BF3 in ultra settings and every bit of eye candy on, but the game runs fine on high and it still looks stunning.

With money getting tighter and tighter for everybody, I think people do need to realise we don't have to spend massive amounts to get a quality gaming experience on the PC.

Would I love maybe a GTX780 or maybe even an Intel i7 Haswell system? Yes, but do I need these to enjoy pc gaming? No. That money could go to other things such as trips out or holidays, something that we all enjoy doing to escape work and our normal daily lives.

Now don't get me wrong, I see the benefits of systems that are ultra high end. They will last you longer and the performance would triple in games compared to what I listed above.

Just remember though, there is no need to splash in order to get a great experience. That's one of the benefits of PC gaming, it’s very versatile. Although should money not be an issue, spend it but it's not always needed to get the best.