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Benchmarking in Focus - Catzilla

A New series showcasing some of the programs available that you can use to benchmark and test PC's



There is a large range of testing programs available to ensure the stability and performance of your system and having such a wide range is extremely helpful as not all benchmark programs are created equal, in this series we will show some of the programs available that you can use to test and benchmark your PC.

Catzilla, is a real time tech demo from the creators of Datura and it is a program that is lesser known, mainly because of the fact it is extremely odd and certainly a change from the normal benchmarking programs which are available.

Simply it renders a video of a giant Catzilla causing destruction in the streets, however what makes it a good test is Catzilla uses the same algorithms that are used in the latest games to ensure that the result is something that will relate to actual performance.

Catzilla can be downloaded from