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New Ducky Keyboards - Announced at Computex

Leading the way once again, Ducky announce a few new keyboards at Computex 2013

It seems like Ducky have been with us a long time, but can you believe it was only this time last year that Ducky keyboards first landed in the UK.

But Ducky, the once unknown keyboard manufacturer (at least in the EU), have shown at Computex that they have a few new keyboards up their sleeves. Importantly a new version of the Shine series of keyboards, the Ducky Shine 3, it offers improvements over previous versions of the Shine, including customisable RGB LEDs in the spacebar with a new design and a ripple effect lighting mode, from videos we have seen it looks to also feature the ability to slow down or speed up the rate of the lighting features.

The Ducky Shine 3 The Ducky Shine 3



Ducky have also shown another new entry to their ever growing catalogue at Computex as well. Dubbed the "Ducky Mini"  it is an extremely compact model of keyboard that is designed to be as portable and functional as can be, it features keys that have multiple secondary features when the correct combination is pressed (you can see some of these lit up on the image below)  it is also designed to break into the niche market held by several other manufacturers.


Ducky MiniDucky Mini


Also circulating are pictures of the 2013 Limited Edition Year of the Snake keyboard. For those who don't know Ducky have periodically released a special edition keyboard, featuring nods in design towards the current year's animal from the Chinese Zodiac, Which currently is the Snake. Previous versions have included the Ducky Year of the Dragon, which was designed as a Tenkeyless Model and the Year of the Tiger which was a modified version of the Ducky G2 Pro. The Year of the Snake Model is believed to be limited to a number of 999 so extremely limited compared to previous versions and it is believed that the UK is only going to get an extremely limited amount of them overall.


Ducky Year of the SnakeDucky Year of the Snake


Currently though no date is known on when these keyboards might land keep so checking back for all your latest and up to date Ducky news at CCL.