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CCL Launch two new Firestorm Photoshop Workstation PCs!

Today two new workstations have entered the CCL Firestorm workstation range, perfect for Photoshop enthusiasts and professionals!

The Firestorm Thunder and Firestorm Hail both are perfect for avid amateur and professional photographers alike.

Photography enthusiasts can demand a lot from a PC workstation, be it working with large TIFF files, applying effects when touching up photos and creating unique original pieces. Because of this most home PCs struggle to keep up with such a demanding workload – often leaving you waiting for minutes for each action to complete.

Thankfully the new Firestorm Workstation PCs are here to banish the waiting times to just a distant memory!
The overclocked Intel Core i5 4670K & i7-4770K CPUs run at speeds exceeding 4.00GHz, allowing the latest 4th Generation Intel processor to really pull ahead of the competition, while 8GB+ of high performance XMP 1600Mhz memory with heat spreaders ensure blisteringly fast multitasking, high resolution image handling and faultless reliability no matter how much stress they are subjected to.

The cooling of the excellent 200R chassis is enhanced with the upgraded Corsair Ultra Quiet cooling fans and H60 CPU water cooler. Combined they exhaust the heat created by the high end components out of the case ensuring cool and quiet operation of the workstation.

The Toshiba 128GB SSD (Solid State Drive) fitted as standard provides phenomenal performance, able to read data at an almost unbelievable 552MB/s and write it just as fast at 502MB/s you will not be left waiting when opening applications. If you choose to use the SSD as a scratch disk you will also notice improved performance over a traditional hard disk drive.

The SSD drive is intended to store Windows and your key programs to ensure you get the best from them, however don’t be fooled into thinking we have forgotten to include somewhere to store all your photographs and other media files!

CCL Firestorm: ThunderCCL Firestorm: Thunder

Equipped with a pair of 7200RPM hard drives configured as default to mirror each other you will have plenty of space to quickly store and access your files. All with the peace of mind that should the worst happen and one of your drives becomes inaccessible, the other drive will be there with a copy of all your valuable data. We would always recommend you keep a backup of all important files to guard against accidental deletion or virus infections on an external hard drive or NAS device to give you complete redundancy.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 1GB graphics card easily accelerates functions within Adobe Photoshop and Creative Cloud, while allowing you to improve your productivity by running two high resolution displays simultaneously.

Built in 300MBps wireless & 1000MBps Ethernet gives you the flexibility to connect your PC directly to the router or wirelessly across your home/office if your router is not in a convenient location.

While the 3 year parts & labour warranty gives you the backup you need for many years to come.
With pricing starting at under £900.00 inc VAT for the Firestorm Thunder Photoshop Workstation PC there has never been a better time to upgrade to a workstation and see the performance benefits.