The Gem range of Business PCs has been available now since 2010, each generation being expertly configured to provide excellent performance in any office. Each system that goes down the Gem production line undergoes additional stability testing to ensure it will deliver only the highest levels of performance day in, day out for years to come. We are that confident of the stability on our Gem Business PCs that they now all come equipped with a 3 year warranty as standard, no catches, no clauses, a full parts and labour return to base warranty.

The latest range of Gem Business PCs differs from that last with increased energy efficiency to further reduce operating costs, upgrades to the standard case offering, to include USB 3.0 as standard on the front panel for the first time in our full tower models, and quieter operating fans to reduce background office noise.

We truly believe these latest Business PCs, for the first time, remove the hassle out of IT and let you get on with business.

Check out the systems here; custom solutions are available and we are more than happy to offer pre and post sales advice, don’t be shy and speak with us on 01274 471 201 or by email

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