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Game Length

Can a game be too long ?

Well, this is my first blog and I thought I'd start with something which is more of a pet hate. Usually, when a game comes out, once most people have finished it this question comes up: "How long was it?". Now, for me, it's not an issue. I'd rather have a 6 hour good quality game, than one that lasts 15 hours and getting bored half way through. A game doesn't need to be a gazillion hours long. After all, the saying "quality over quantity" springs to mind.

I think maybe in the past, games were longer but I don't think the majority of them were as good as they are now. I get the whole argument of "but it cost me £35 and I want my money's worth", but surely if you had 6 hours of epic gaming, then you have had it? We pay to go to the cinema for roughly 2 hours and it’s nearly £20, if not more, and we don't rage as much unless the film is terrible. So in that respect, games are good value for money.

Certain games do seem exempt from this rule, such as RPGs e.g. Final Fantasy. A game like that will last 40 hours or more, but RPGs always have done.  I, for one hope developers stop making games too long or padding them out as, for me it, ruins them.  So I think we should appreciate them as they are because, to me, even at 6-8 hours of length, if it's amazing I don't mind paying £34-£40. Therefore, just be more careful with what you buy instead of moaning about its length. After all, it’s about enjoyment.