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Touch 2.4 GHz Ultra Mini Backlit Wireless HTPC Keyboard

A simple and smart all in one mini keyboard

Touch 2.4GHz Ultra Mini Backlit Wireless HTPC KeyboardTouch 2.4GHz Ultra Mini Backlit Wireless HTPC Keyboard

Before getting this keyboard I have to say, I didn’t think I would use it all that much; I already have a full size wireless keyboard and a wireless media centre remote control, but how my mind changed once I began to use it!

It arrives in a simple purple box, which has pictures of the keyboard on the top and it proudly boasts that this keyboard is “The world’s smallest wireless keyboard and touchpad combo with backlight”. On the sides it has a little blurb about itself and it lists some of the main features of the keyboard

  • Backlit Function
  • Integrated  Wireless Receiver
  • Multimedia Keys (Use with HTPC or Android TV Box)
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile and Android TV Boxes
  • Built in Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Notebook style touchpad

In the box you get:

  • A Mini USB charge cable which connects directly to the keyboard to recharge the built in battery.
  • A Wireless receiver, which is sneakily hidden in its own holder in the keyboard
  • A user manual
  • And finally and most important, the wireless keyboard itself.

Touch Wireless KeyboardTouch Wireless Keyboard

Touch Wireless Keyboard - Full ViewTouch Wireless Keyboard - Full View

The user manual is fairly sparse, but it covers the basics well enough, with the majority of the functions of the keyboard are fairly self-explanatory.

The HTPC I used this keyboard on, uses Windows 7 and it was picked up straight away and needed no drivers to be installed, so after plugging the receiver in you are up and ready to go.

The keyboard has multiple media keys and other button presses which are accessed as secondary features of the some keys, by pressing the Fn Key and the button with the feature you want the secondary feature is illustrated by blue text on the key, such as the enter key which in effect presses the CTRL ALT DEL key combo.

It also prides itself on being small; I thought this may cause an issue in use when trying to use the keyboard however it posed no problems, in use the keyboard basically becomes a thumb board, with the two thumbs pressing the keys and this works exceptionally well and doesn’t feel as though the keyboard will slip or jump out of your hands whilst in use.

Feature wise the backlighting is very good on the keyboard area with all the keys being very bright and easy to see, however the secondary functions do not light up at all so this can be an issue if you cannot remember exactly which is which (which can be an issue as one combo can put your PC to sleep) the backlight bleeds a little into the touchpad area, and I am not sure if this is a design feature or just a problem with my keyboard, as it in my opinion does not really need lighting up all that much due to the area being recessed and easy to find.

The touchpad is responsive by default, meaning you do not have to swipe lots of times if you need to get from corner to corner or traverse large distances onscreen, and for more minute control you have a set of arrow keys underneath which can help scroll down the screen, with the left and right mouse buttons on their own individual buttons as well as another left click in the top right of the keyboard so you can navigate and click more easily.

On the left hand side of the keyboard is the power switch and charging port which makes sure that when you finish using the keyboard it can be turned off manually to conserve battery power, rather than having it cut off after a period of inactivity, in the top left we have the indicator light which show whether the keyboard is connected to the receiver, in caps lock mode or has a low battery.

Touch Wirless Keyboard - ConnectorsTouch Wirless Keyboard - Connectors

Touch Wireless Keyboard - Laser PointerTouch Wireless Keyboard - Laser Pointer

Finally the keyboard also features a laser pointer built into the unit, which means that it can also be used for presentations and lectures, for which you would then hold the keyboard like a remote control and the switch for the pointer is on the bottom of the device, however my little need for a presentation pointer meant that it became a fun cat toy, with my cats chasing around the pesky red dot which is powerful enough to span quite a distance.

With the device being rated to work up to distances of 30 Metres, its compact and portable size and other features, means it has replaced my media remote control and other wireless as the main control for my media PC, I also feel should I need to take a keyboard anywhere this would be my first choice due to its simple and self-contained features.

In less words, this is an exceptionally good value keyboard with the price as reviewed being £26.64 it has a lot going for it, if only to double as a make shift toy to pester your cats.