Toshiba has just announced the catchy named MQ01ABFH, which is a 7mm thin Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD). Equipped with Toshiba’s in house NAND flash it is available in capacities of 320GB and 500GB initially. The MQ01ABFH series is the first Toshiba SSHD drive family in 7 mm. The series continues Toshiba's legacy of providing world-class storage products, and offers customers a complete line-up of 2.5-inch solid state hybrid drives with the previously announced 1 TB and 750 GB MQ01ABDH series 9.5 mm SSHDs for ultrathin, thin and light notebook PCs, multimedia & gaming applications, and traditional laptop PCs.

7mm Toshiba SSHD Series Anounced7mm Toshiba SSHD Series Anounced

Drawing upon its knowledge and experience in NAND flash, Toshiba optimized the NAND flash performance into a tiered-storage approach that uses the speed of the DRAM and NAND components with the high-capacity of rotating media. The SSHD delivers SSD-like performance without dependence on external drivers or assistance from the host system.

"The MQ01ABFH series fulfils users' desire for thin and light notebook PCs with fast response times that can keep up with their demanding gaming and multimedia applications," said Don Jeanette, director of product marketing at Toshiba's Storage Products Business Unit. "This addition to our SSHD line-up demonstrates Toshiba's continued focus on delivering a wide range of storage devices that enhances the computing experience for our customers."

Initially the MQ01ABF050H (500GB) and MQ01ABF032H (320GB) drives will be available in notebooks from the big brands such as Toshiba’s notebook division, but we hope in the near future these excellent drives will be available for sale from CCL.

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