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Saints Row 3 - The Full Package (PS3)

Review of the Saints Row 3 (Formats: X360, PC, PS3) Game

NOTE: This is an 18 rated game. Read no further unless you are of age!

I hope you all enjoyed my last review, as I am here again! This is the third entry into what is a very well established franchise, and I’ll be honest, whilst the first two games did nothing for me I absolutely loved this one. It’s one of the most fun games I have ever played. Have you ever wanted to dress up in a cat costume? Drive a panda car? Mow every one down or blow them all up with a tank? If so, this is the game for you.

This particular version of the game I’m reviewing included all of the downloadable content released, and trust me when I say, you get tons. You will spend the first few minutes of the game just pressing the “x” button, as it will be informing you of all the goodies you have. These include things such as cars, stat boosts, clothes, etc.

Well, that’s enough of a brief intro, so let’s head onto the review itself.

Saints Row 3 CoverSaints Row 3 Cover

The craziness of this game begins with an aeroplane ride. Everything is going well, and then out of nowhere we break out in to a gun fight. From here it all goes horribly wrong and within a few seconds we are free falling whilst shooting every person in sight. This is just one of the many set pieces in this game, you just can't help but be drawn into the action and for that, you can’t help but love every second.

One of my favourite missions occurs very early on in the game; you are robbing a bank whilst all wearing giant fake heads of a character called Gat. It makes you look like a walking bobble head so needless to say, we’re soon attacked by police helicopters and every officer in the city. Once all of this is done, you get to relax a little bit and explore what else this City has to throw at you. This game will always have something for you to do as there are many activities to complete, which the game refers to as its “optional side missions”. These include such things as insurance fraud, which involves you throwing your body into cars to cause as much damage to yourself as possible; you become a rag doll, bouncing off everything around you, which can make for some very good videos. The next one is tank mayhem, which is exactly as it sounds – and well, who doesn’t want to do that?

The game does have similar missions to other open world games, in which you pick people up and drop them off whilst keeping them safe. The fun for me was with all the DLC (Downloadable Content) which included three additional story style missions. The first included chasing after a clone of Gat who was on a rampage, a bit like Hulk. Everyone was his enemy and at one point, you must get his attention with music whilst fending off the public with a swarm of bees. Not nearly as intimidating as if it was a swarm of wasps to be honest! The second is you pretending to do a movie about saving earth from aliens, which is a very different setting from the main game, but also very fun; mainly due to being able to use huge laser guns which we all love, (Pew, pew, pew!). The third is something called Genkai bowl, which is a killing game purely for points; entertaining, but not as good as the other two on offer.

The missions in this game vary from other “normal” gunplay ones; there’s a few vehicle ones, but none lasting very long. The drive to get to the start of a mission can feel long, but I usually just blow stuff up on the way which makes it far more enjoyable. Then you get some missions which are cut scenes explaining what’s gone on in different areas of the game; the cut scenes are fun to watch. Then you get the really silly ones, like where you have to do a whole mission naked.

The characters in this game are all fun and have their own quirks. Shaundi is very angry. Pierce is quite laid back and enjoys a dance. Then there are your usual gangster types who like prostitutes and pimped out rides.

This game also has RPG elements; you can buy properties which help you take over the City one building at a time. Once you have purchased one, you get an hourly income, so cash isn’t really an issue. This is where the RPG elements come in as the cash allows you to buy health upgrades, ability upgrades for your homies, extra bullet damage and many other cool things.

The story in this game revolves around the saints. When the game starts you are the top gang in the city but, as you guessed, other gangs want you out of the way. As typical game rules go, you fall downm to the bottom of the pile and have to work your way back up again. I won’t reveal the bigger details as the game is that much fun, it’s worth playing.

There are also individual stories going on throughout the game between certain characters and members of opposing gangs, but the game does a good job of keeping the stories together without letting them all get intertwined and messy. You do feel a bit for certain characters like Shaundi, who suffers loss and becomes extremely angry towards everyone and everything. It is a very typical revenge storyline with plenty of “I will kill them!” moments thrown in for good measure but, as the game is so much fun, you really don’t mind that it is, in effect, mindless

I didn’t feel lost or confused at all regardless of not having played the first two entries, so I honestly wouldn’t let it put you off getting this game if you haven’t played the first two.


The City of Steel port itself isn’t exactly bright and vibrant, but it’s still attractive enough with tall skyscrapers and bridges. The graphics mainly stand out on the cars as there are some nice looking body kits on these streets, especially when on the missions themselves. You tend to be inside peoples’ homes for much of the game, all of which seem decorated to look visually attractive. The graphics performance jumps hugely once viewing from a distance like in the fighter jets, when you can go above the city and see it all much better; many of the skyscrapers have fancy lights and designs. The lasers and explosions all look over the top but it’s well worth it and it suits the style of the game.


Do you have the need for mindless entertainment? Want to blow everything up, maybe even with laser guns? Want to be dressed in a cat suit or take a tank around the city? If you said yes to any of these, then this game is for you! Whilst the story follows a predictable path, you never really care as the game keeps you hooked, purely from the insanity and you’re inability to judge just how far it will go. You will always want to go back to it and keep playing, and that’s something every game should aim for.

P.S You also go to mars and, let’s face it, I think that’s as close as ill ever get. So, at least now I can now say “I WENT TO MARS” muhahaha!