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Connected Data Transporter - The future of Cloud storage?

BLOG 1: Tom takes a look at the new Transporter from Connected Data that allows anyone, anywhere to setup their own cloud storage system.

Connected Data: TransporterConnected Data: Transporter

For those who have not come across the Transporter before, it is quite simply an ingenious NAS device that emulates services such as Microsoft’s SkyDrive and the ever popular Dropbox. It is a private cloud storage device for syncing between all your devices, sharing with family and colleagues and protecting your digital files with advanced backup options. With no on-going fees or privacy terms you have complete control over your files and how they are accessed. They are ideal for businesses to use for collaboration, off-site backups, sharing large files and enabling roaming access.

The Transporter by Connected Data is a product that began as a hugely successful Kickstarter project based purely on solving many people’s fears behind Cloud based service providers terms of use.

Many people never read the agreements they hit “accept” or “agree” to, but many of the free and paid for Cloud storage services have terms in place that give them the permission to access, delete and review any content you choose to store on their servers. If you are just using it to share the odd holiday snap with your friends and family it won’t be of much concern, but would you feel comfortable giving these companies sensitive business information, personal documents or your whole digital existence to backup when they can do what they like with your data on a whim?

The cost of Cloud based storage can also be extremely expensive; at the time of writing a 500GB 2.5” low powered hard drive costs under £40.00 from CCL, yet 500GB of storage from Dropbox will cost you £35.00 per month, the profit margins for storing your data in the long term can be huge for these companies! Add to that the cost of the actual Transporter hardware and you can recoup your investment within the first year on just 500GB of data (which let’s face it, in 2013 is not a great deal of pictures, movies or multi-media embedded documents).

Being a huge fan of Dropbox, currently using it to store 20GB+ of data on several devices, the appeal of the Transporter is huge. The option to store on the Transporter all of my music, photos and documents is not just convenient, it’s downright powerful. Cloud access has never been as convenient. With the backup of my files handled automatically and seamlessly it also removes the hassle and worry of making sure I don’t lose “those family pictures” or “that works spread sheet” from any of my devices suffering a failure. All without having to pay huge amounts of money to Dropbox to store 1000GB+ of data for me, it just seems almost too good to be true and the Cloud based solution I have been waiting for.

It does seem that Connected Data has got the right idea for a large consumer base who wants more control over their Cloud storage experience; this is easily the storage product I am most excited about in 2013.

I will be taking a look in depth at the Connected Data Transporter and producing a full user experience review shortly, if anyone wants me to look at any aspect directly please let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.

Exciting times for Cloud storage fans… (if the Transporter lives up to its billing!)