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Apple Campus 2 Will Brings New Jobs

More taxes, public improvements and more from their new investment

Apple is set to add around 7,400 new employees to their new campus, snappily known as "Campus 2", at least for now. While a lot of attention has been going toward how Apple is planning on flashing its cash for the new development and it's obvious to many that the company is doing pretty well for its self, despite the fact there is a growing bitter taste in the industry for the iPhone and it's steady and relentless revisions.

Apple is already the largest employer in Cupertino, with 160,000 employees at its command they're certainly a force to be reckoned with and now with the prospect of adding over 7000 more they're only getting bigger.

Yet it's not just the local employment rate that will benefit from the new development, but the area in general as Apple say it will involve another $32M in property tax, around 9000 construction jobs and $66M in public improvements that will include housing and transportation improvements and construction.

It will be a big financial investment to the area with a massive amount of construction jobs, plus the construction workers followed by the Apple employees will also put extra demand on local retail units, Apple will be playing an extra $15.4 million a year to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and an extra one off payment of $38.1 million for construction fees and taxes.