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Intel Capital Offers $100M For Perceptual Computing Investments

Computers with senses may not be so science fiction after all

Intel's keynote speech at Computex was full of the usual flair and business nonsense one would expect from any big player in the industry, but one that really caught my attention is that Intel will be offering up a $100M investment in perceptual computing.

Intel is already big investors in up and coming technologies and this doesn't really come as that big a surprise, Intel make computer hardware and it's within their best interests to keep people creating ever more exciting computers and electronics that could potentially run on Intel hardware, or that they could at least sell as Intel hardware.

The $100M will be put toward the funding of projects such as the 3D-depth camera, devices that feature human senses such as hearing, touch and anything else that could improve their abilities and so long as it's not a Terminator, I'm happy with that.

It all sounds a little futuristic giving computers senses, but the technology is out there and the never ending increase in computer performance, camera technology not to mention the ever advancing world of software development that are helping to make these things possible, someone just needs to throw many at the problem so people can commit time to working out the finer details that are needed to make it happen.

This $100 million will be used much in the same way Intel invested $300 million into the world of Ultrabook development, investing in start-ups and companies so they can innovate, but also help them with business support and give them a global business network of expertise to fall back on for support.