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UN Report Calls For End To State Surveillance

Time for a backtrack on some major policies

A landmark report has been release on the subject of "state surveillance and freedom of expression" which completely backtracks on the current UN policies of surveillance and the man who wrote the report Frank La Rue has no doubt raised a few eye brows when he went into work this morning because of it.

La Rue stated that a direct relationship between state surveillance, privacy and freedom of expression exists and he said that the right to privacy is often understood as an essential requirement for the realisation of the right to freedom of expression.

“Undue interference with individuals’ privacy can both directly and indirectly limit the free development and exchange of ideas. … An infringement upon one right can be both the cause and consequence of an infringement upon the other, “ wrote La Rue

He wants UN members to review their national laws, focusing on the ones that regulate surveillance and that we need to update and strengthen laws and legal standards.

He also warned that many new technologies can effectively open a Pandora's Box of state surveillance intrusions and that states must meet their human rights obligations, making sure they meet the rights of free expression and privacy while also keeping up with modern technological advances in security.