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Play Games With A Realistic Firearm

"Delta Six" FPS Controller Is definitely Going To Be Controversial

A Kickstarter page has gone live for the Delta Six, a prototype gaming controller that is based around a real gun, giving users the real weight and feel or a firearm when playing their favourite shooter, which is said to be compatible with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, with the addition of next-gen consoles upon their release.

With a pledge of just $159 you can get your very own Delta Six as soon as they're able to ship the item, something they hope to achieve in December this year.

The maker knows this is controversial and the typical "won't someone please think of the children" argument has raised its head, but the maker said that these games are for adults and he wanted to make a controller for adults to enjoy their hobby how they see fit and I have to agree with that, if you don't want your kids using this, don't buy it for them.

While I can't guarantee this will be the ideal way to play a game, it may not be as snappy and responsive as using a controller, nor will it be sharp enough for online multiplayer, but that's not the point, it's meant to be fun and the whole point of gaming is fun, entertainment and keeping your self amused, so why not have a crazy controller to add to that experience?

The gun will offer realistic recoil, a tappable magazine for reloading, IR that allow you to zoom by looking down sights, and a movable stock for melee attacks. It's not exactly realistic but it's certainly more involving.

Would you buy one of these crazy contraptions, or do you think this is just a step too far?