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Mars Curiosity Finds Martian... Rat!?

Internet erupts with viral image of Martian rodent

Ok so this might be a little bit off the usual tech news path that we usually walk here at CCL, but a story like this just has to be shared and it's not every day we get a "LIFE ON MARS" shocker headline that gets the internet’s underwear in a twist.

It seems that a panoramic photo snapped back in September last year has finally been analysed, but shock! gasp! and many superlatives batman! It looks as if there is a rat or squirrel scuttling right across the image and while I admit it's impossible, you can still clearly see the thing sitting there mocking us.

Already dubbed "mars rat" the funny shaped rock that sparked our imagination has already got its own twitter account, tweeting about the "space rat invasion of Earth" and more, it's all generally pretty funny and I have to admit that I think this image is awesome for more reasons than just humour.

Things like this are a bit of fun, no doubt about that, but I'm all in favour of things that draw attention to the work of NASA and space exploration in general and with this story already going viral I hope it draws some attention to the technology behind capturing the image from another planet and the people who work hard on such technologies.

Of course there are many out there (too many) that think this is real, while yes the image is legit and not Photoshopped, it's just a trick on the eye, it's just rocks, there are no rats on Mars! Even if this image does indicate the opposite haha.

Regardless of the outcome, it's great to see that all the serious work on Mars can still get a few laughs, we have one rover drawing a great big rude shape with its tire tracks last month and now we have a space rat, keep up the great work NASA.