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Sony Confirms They Won't Have Mandatory DRM

Although the PlayStation 4 does need internet connection

It has been a crazy year for gaming fans, with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both officially confirmed it's been nothing but a PR slug fest between Sony and Microsoft and it's safe to say that Microsoft have taken a beating in the last few rounds. Not only have Microsoft been infuriating gamers with stories of DRM, blocked used games and more, but they've made things worth by painting an incomplete picture, giving misinformation and giving fans the run around.

Meanwhile, Sony have been sitting back with shades on, laughing their asses off and playing a winning hand to every Microsoft failure and the latest one comes from Sony as they promise its next gen PlayStation 4 will not require a constant internet connection.

Sony did point out that the connection would be beneficial to players, offering more services and functions, but that it's up to the end user if they want to use it or not, which is absolutely fine by me.

The Xbox One is speculated to require to connect "at least" intermittently to make sure everything is going smooth, call the mother ship so to speak, but until Microsoft confirm (or change) their ideas, we won't know for certain how all this will play out.

It is worth pointing out that this whole topic is about mandatory DRM, there is nothing preventing developers or publishers from committing to their own systems.

Personally I think there is a lot of steam about very little, some people have been misinformed, albeit most of the fault for that is placed on Microsoft, Sony haven't actually changed a damn thing, they've just worded it to sound cool after Microsoft's gaff and even with DRM and public uproar both consoles are still going to be smash hits upon release day regardless and companies like EA and Ubisoft could still integrate connection based DRM themselves... let’s just hope they don't.