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Windows 8.1 Start Button Confirmed

Huston, we have a Start Button

Leaked screenshot shows Start button in Windows 8.1

Confirmed by the guys in Redmond, the rumours about the Start button are indeed true. A leaked screenshot shows the new Windows 8 logo tucked nicely where you would normally expect to find it, in the bottom left.

Don’t get all excited or relieved though, this latest addition in the 8.1 release doesn’t quite do what you think it would. The removal of this button had caused some of the most controversial talking points about the new OS. It’s starts off as a white colour but on a mouse over, it is reported to change colour to let you know it’s ready to go. 

Tapping this button will launch a new Metro Style UI similar to what you get on a Windows 8 Smartphone (if you have seen one). The new Start Menu will allow you to customise and group items and programs together to make it personal for you which is what Microsoft’s vision seems to be all about.

Gone are the days of the function we are used to from the days of Windows 95.

If you prefer the Windows 8 desktop without the Start button or if you are used to it now, then fear not. If you don’t use it, it will disappear after a short time to let you enjoy Microsoft’s new desktop vision.

The latest release will include many other features to it such as moving wallpaper, more colours and themes. There are new larger and smaller tile sizes as well as the ability to select multiple tiles and perform actions to them such as uninstall, group and rearrange.

8.1 is still a while away yet, penned for the end of June which will coincide with the Build developer conference in San Francisco.

I suppose anything could happen between now and then so who knows! I’d love to hear your comments on the Start button.