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The PC Is Dead - Apparently

The PC is dead, then long live the... errr PC?

Has the PC been replaced by sexy new technology?

Some say dead - others say reborn. Whilst there is a fuzzy line on what is actually classified as a PC and what isn’t, American data firm IDC suggests that a desktop or device with a 16” screen or over is a “PC”. Whilst a handful of people would think a PC runs Windows, a Mac is a Mac and anything else runs Linux would be forgiven for thinking that the PC is in fact dead as a door nail.

Predictions of “PC” sales by IDC were expected to drop by 1.3% but actually fell by a whopping 7.8%. Part of the reason is more people are performing day to day tasks with smartphones or tablets (things that don’t qualify as a PC).

A few die hard gamers will always want the latest tech, stuffed in a water-cooled behemoth of a tower whilst others are happy enough with a 3 or 4 year old system parked under the table to game or some such. All PC’s that are sold today are more than up to the task of day to day use.

Honestly, the PC is being reborn. No longer are components just getting faster or increasing in capacity but the other tech. surrounding it all has evolved massively too. Broadband up to 100mb, touch screens that work with multi touch gestures and flip top notebooks that are confused tablet come laptops. All of the new stuff is packed with exciting new tech. The bulky tower is perhaps in decline but its replacements are very exciting and I look forward to it all.