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High Court Ruling: To Block A Site Is "Pointless"

Pirate Bay site embargo is useless

Full sail ahead for Pirate Bay Proxies!

Despite a ruling by the High Court to force six of the UK’s major service providers (BT, Virgin, TalkTalk, o2, Sky and EE) to take down two streaming sites (Movie2k and Download4All) because the proxy sites were accused of providing illegal access to copyrighted material such as Films, TV, games, magazines and music.

A spokesman for the proxy site said that such attempts to block the sites were utterly pointless and “accomplish very little”. He goes on to say:

 "In such an interconnected world, blocking and censoring websites is a wasteful venture; there are so many workarounds available that it makes me wonder what the point of such a block in the first place."

"The proxy sites I have set up make it much easier to bypass these blocks."

He said that a "proxy site acts as a middle man and retrieves the blocked site for a user" which means the user is never connecting directly to the blocked site.

"Setting up a proxy site is really simple as well,” he added. “Hundreds of people around the world have set up proxy sites for the Pirate Bay alone."

OFCOM estimates that 1 in 6 UK internet users aged 12 and above (18% of us) had downloaded at least one item of illegal content between November 2012 and January 2013. It also estimates that 280 million music tracks were also “taken” during the same period as well as 52 million TV Programs, 29 million films, 18 million ebooks and computer software including games which they estimate at 7 million.