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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Launched

Another heavy hitter from the GPU giants

What a month, we’ve had the GTX 780 launch, next generation consoles and lots, lots more. It’s been eventful and exciting to say the least.

So the announcements and launches continue further today with the launch of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 a high-performance graphics card designed from the ground up to deliver high-speed and super-smooth gaming.

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 will be featured as standard in some of our gaming systems but will be available as a customisable option across the range.

The 700 series overall is giving gamers some great benefits with improvements on past generations to deliver significantly improved performance with settings cranked up in all your favourite PC games.

Improved performance across the range with:
o Next-generation NVIDIA Kepler-architecture-based GPU
o RPM-balancing filters for stable fan speeds and whisper-quiet acoustics
o Advanced thermal and low-power operation for a cooler-running PC
o NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0: advanced controls that let you push your PC’s performance to the max; intelligently adjust settings like temp target, overvoltage, display OC, and FPS target
o SLI: Flexibility to link up to three cards for more powerful performance

Revolutionary GeForce Experience software ensures the best gaming, right out of the box. Built for gaming with capabilities such as:
o Automated game settings based on your individual PC with a single click
o Game-ready drivers to maximize gameplay the day a PC title releases

A collection of innovative NVIDIA technologies provides an immersive experience that looks, sounds, and feels polished for gaming:
o NVIDIA PhysX® for more realistic characters and environments
o NVIDIA TXAA™ for crisper gaming and images
o Smooth performance that brings every game to life

But fast just got faster with the next-generation GeForce GTX 770, a high-performance graphics card designed from the ground up to deliver high-speed, super-smooth gaming.

GTX 770 offers all the 700-family performance features. Plus, it’s stacked with unique gaming technologies that make it really fast and deliver a smooth, quiet, easy-to-optimize gaming experience, offering:
o 7 Gbps memory—the fastest ever on a GPU
o Massively powerful NVIDIA Kepler GPU
o NVIDIA SHIELD™ gaming portable-ready

The range of cards available can be found here.