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Toshiba to Launch 4KTV Products

UHD TVs heading to Japanese markets

It seems the world is on the tipping point of the real UHD revolution and now it seems Toshiba are entering the battle with the launch of a brand new series of ultra high resolution 4K televisions that run at 3840 x 2160 resolutions. The new sets will be part of the Regza Z8X series and will launch at the end of June in Japan markets, making the Z8X the 2nd generation of Toshiba 4K TVs.

Available in 58", 65" and the new "popular" large screen format of 84" models, running the brand new Toshiba Regza Engine Cevo 4K and Cinema 4k Image Processing Systems, this will also allow for up-scaling of 1920 x 1080 images from digital sources or Blu-ray discs, giving near-to-4k image quality.

It’s great to see 4K tech is still pushing forward and while it's still a long while away from consumer level tech it's sets like the Z8X that will slowly work their way down in price to be more consumer friendly and with PC technology slowly but surely making the push of making 4K gaming a possibility, were at the tipping point of the big 4K take over in the digital market.

The price is unknown at this time but given that the sets are currently only launching in Japan we'll no doubt have to wait until mid-summer to find out a European and US launch date and price, all I know is, I really want one!