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Amazon Lists Xbox One Pre-Order For 599 Euros

Could the console really cost this much?

Every major retailer in the world is scrabbling to take pre-orders for the next-gen console race and the Microsoft Xbox One is no different, latest to the race is and who are taking pre-orders for the next-gen console at a ridiculously expensive price tag of €599.

It's a double bluff of course, as the pre-order price comes with a price promise and should the Xbox One be MORE expensive than €599, then you will only pay that price, of course it's not bloody likely to be more than that, not unless Microsoft want to be laughed at so hard that the only place they can hide is the dark side of the moon.

However, if the price is less than €599 (very, very, very, likely) then you will pay the lower price, so either way you’re going to benefit from a high pre-order price, one way your guaranteed a top whack price limit of €599 but on the other hand you can be certain to end up paying less once Microsoft reveal the real price.

In today's economy, Microsoft nor your average consumer can claim to afford such a high price tag, but for a high-end console, with plenty of new features to boot it might not be as cheap as you may like and given that it comes bundled with a new wireless controller, 2nd gen Kinect and also acts as a full home entertainment system, Microsoft may look to capitalize on those features at retail with a premium price.

How much would you be will to pay for the new consoles when they are released? Microsoft and Sony have yet to shed light on the official price of their consoles, but you can bet they'll tell all either at E3 or sometime shortly after.