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Apple Hit With Further Anti-Trust Accusations

Why can't the big guys just play nice?

Sales are starting to drop off for Apple here in the EU, but that's not the only thing to be adding to the worries of the Apple camp recently as the EU watchdogs set their targets on them, with suspicion of anti-competitive tactics.

The European Commission is investigation Apple for the suspected use of anti-competitive sales tactics in relations to their iPhone products, as well as their use of technical restrictions to try and force rival smartphone manufacturers out of the European market.

A questionnaire was sent last week to several of the major European mobile network operators, the Commission wants to focus on the distribution terms and how these might favour Apple by ensuring that no rival phone company can secure a better sales deal with each network, Apple effectively over powering any chance at fair competition.

Of course Apple knows exactly what they're doing and has stated that whatever they're doing complies with law here in the EU. Unfortunately for Apple, the reports from mobile operators to the EU have been saying something very different indeed and in effect the networks have given them up to the law enforcers, like a bully getting reported to a teacher.

There is however a big catch, the commission needs to be certain that Apple is dominant in the EU market, something Apple could contest since Samsung have recently caught up in certain areas, meaning that even with Apples "cheating", they can say it hasn't worked anyway and brush it off, dirty tactic, but inside the law none the less (for now).