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A New Tactile Feedback To Enhance Gaming Experiences

Disney's Aireal, not to be confused with Ariel

We've all seen the technology behind the Wii, waved our arms at Kinect, or at least experienced the rumble of the modern gaming controller, but beyond those sensations and experiences there has been little development in the way we get feedback or give feedback to our gaming devices, Disney on the other hand has come up with loads of tech over the years that do give users feedback from the screen.

Disney Research has created a device called Aireal, a play on words for "air" and "real" is the best bet, but it does also sound like a familiar Disney character, hardly about to sue themselves of course. The new device uses blasts of air to simulate sensation on the skin, much like Disney currently employ in the Honey, I Shrunk The Audience attraction which uses airflow in the floor to simulate mice running beneath and around your feet, only this device is more forward focused, perfect for those sitting in front of a smaller screen, projecting short blasts of air to pinpoint locations on the user, which can be seen in the video below.

The new tech, along with the others in the video is going to be on display at SIGGRAPH 2013 and even the prototype looks pretty compact and user friendly, so who knows what the future of this device could be.











We may never have this on top of our TV but it's great to see that someone out there is being creative and working on original projects.