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New York Cop Arrested For Computer Hacking

If you're going to hack other police officers e-mails, you're going to have a bad time

It is one thing to hack someone’s email account, it's another thing to get caught and arrested for it, because you know, hacking is illegal! Yet in this case the story is oh so much worse for all involved given that the person doing the hacking was a police officer and the people he was hacking were also police officers, but it gets worse...

The New York cop in question was Edwin Vargas, who found a network of computer hackers and instead of doing the honourable thing and having them arrested, because that is his job, he is / was a police man after all, he instead hired them to break into email accounts on his behalf. He used the network of hackers to obtain the login information of at least 43 different accounts that were tied to some 30 people; this included 19 police officers who he worked with.

Vargas suspected that a former girlfriend had started a new relationship, both his ex and the new partner also being cops. Vargas and his ex have a child together and while they had broken up it looks like Vargas wanted to keep tabs on her developments, although the motives behind that are unclear, if someone obvious at the same time.

Vargas' lawyer said that Vargas had never been under suspicion for any impropriety, or criminal activity before, meaning it's something that wouldn't fit his normal behaviour.

It's said he used the hacking group multiple times, paying over $4000 for the login details, but that he is also accused of accessing online records for a mobile phone belonging to one of his victims, leaving Vargas with a charge for conspiracy to commit computer hacking and of unlawful access to a law enforcement database.

So remember, even if you don't hack the device yourself, using those login details can still land you in a big heap of trouble.

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