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Xbox One Detailed

Microsoft next-gen console coming later this year

Microsoft held their official console unveiling yesterday, where they introduced the "Xbox One" to the world, to a fanfare of mixed and muddled opinions, facts and cheesy presentations.

So what do we know about the hardware, that is why your here after all right?

What we do know:

• X64 CPU
• 8 Cores
• 8GB Memory
• Wi-Fi Direct
• 6 x Blu-ray
• 500GB Hard Drive

Unfortunately, Microsoft played a dirty trick, mentioning quick and cool sounding marketing nonsense about their system, but leaving out some staggeringly vital details.

What we don't know:

• CPU type
• CPU Clock Speeds
• Memory Speed or type (ddr3, gddr5, etc)
• Graphics cores
• Graphics Clocks
• Any performance figures what so ever

This is for one reason and one reason only, the console is not as powerful as the PlayStation 4 and as a rule of thumb you don't really want to brag about the power of your console when you know you’re not the most powerful. Of course GPU CPU power isn't all that matters and this current generation of consoles have proven that, one thing that is for certain of course is that this new generation of consoles has a lot more processing power that the now 8 year old Xbox 360.

Image Source: Joystiq