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Bill Gates Is World's Richest Man, Again!

How does he sleep at night? On a big pile of money of course

Bill Gates used to be the world’s richest man, that was until he was overtaken by Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecom giant who is in his own right worth a staggering $72.1 billion dollars, no small amount for certain.

Yet Mr Gates has seen a big spike in his overall wealth recently that has taken his worth up to $72.7 billion, bumping Carlos down to 2nd place, although somehow I doubt Carlos is going to be losing any sleep or counting his pennies just yet, he's still richer than Scrooge Mc Duck even whilst sitting in 2nd place.

Of course it's amazing that Bill Gates is still worth as much money as this as he has given away literally billions of dollars to charity over the years, making him one of the greatest philanthropists who ever lived, so too is Carlos Slim, it would be rude to be a billionaire and not give to charity - they're nice guys, not Monty Burns.

So why the sudden spike in wealth? Well it seems to have something to do with the next-gen Xbox from Microsoft, there is a lot of hype surrounding the hardware and there will have been many heavily secret deals done between Microsoft and other companies, a lot of investment money and partnerships that will be expected to make a tidy return for all involved. Naturally a lot of people will want in on the action and this has driven up the Microsoft share price, in effect padding Mr Gates pockets that little bit further.