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Bitcoin Network Continues To Grow

Bitcoin Foundation must hire more help to compensate

The world of Bitcoin is ever growing and even if you’re not part of the community that revolves around it, you can't help but hear more of this exciting new currency and now it seems the people behind the idea are looking for more developers to help secure its development and future.

There are millions of people around the world who mine bit coins, buy and sell them, trade with them or allow you to purchase items with them and it's a complex and mysterious world that has slowly grown into something worthwhile, in what was essentially a simple idea just four years ago.

“Our bottleneck is not new code, it is code review and testing,” said Gavin Andresen, chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Bitcoin Foundation needs more coders to work on beefing up their security, especially in the light of several DDOS attacks on the sites that act as trading posts for the currency, something that played hell with the retail price of the coins and something they no doubt want to prevent happening again. Yet they don't just need coders, they need people to review their work and make sure that all their services, current or in development are working perfectly given the attention that is being given to the Bitcoin service recently.

“Little tasks like writing test scripts, test plans … Those sorts of things are not super brainy, algorithmic heavy research, but we desperately need that sort of stuff,” said Jeff Garzik of BitPay, the leading Bitcoin payment processor.

With around 18 million transactions to its name, untold millions of users and a popularity that is currently exploding into the mainstream, Bitcoins are clearly here to stay, but it won't happen without more help.