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EA To Stop Using Online Pass

Used games will no longer require that code for online play

It's clear that EA has fallen into ill favour with many gamers, not just because of the Sim City farse, which I still think wasn't that big of a deal and was little more than a server issue at best, something which tends to plague just about every major release these days.

Yet for all their shortcoming last year, so many so that they earned the title of "Worst Company In America" for the 2nd year running (apparently insurance companies, banks, pharmaceutical and other companies were not on the list), losing some of their top management staff, firing loads of people and not meeting their yearly targets, despite all that, EA just gave gamers a sign that there is light at the end of the tunnel, EA has said they will STOP using online pass codes that prevent 2nd hand games from playing online, unless you pay a small fee to get access.

This plagued games like Battlefield 3, Dead Space and many others, so what was the reason EA gives for terminating the service? "Players do not like it", that's right, they listened to customer feedback.

It is good news, however it's more likely that it was losing EA money and players and by opening the flood gates again they'll see a boost in player numbers and likely DLC sales too, but either way, this is great news for gamers.